by dendschmidt

As one who is passionate about typography and writing, I love this post! There is something beautiful about words, their origins, and the subtleties of meaning. And even though Mark Twain once asked, “Why use a dollar word, when a dime word will do,” I think a world full of dimes would not only get boring, but quite heavy and bothersome (what with the jing-a-ling of change).

The Mercenary Researcher

I admit it – I’m a word nerd; derived from the Latin Dictum Nerdica.  I’m also a Grammar Geek (ok, ok Grammaticus Geekicus). I think I was the only kid in 7th grade typing English that liked to diagram sentences.  My typing sucked but I could spot an appositive a mile away.

I’m fond of adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs, gerunds, prepositions etc. (Please be advised: I don’t quite trust the subjunctive case, however). Our lexicon is rich with variety – we have so much freedom to express ourselves using layers of meaning, double entendre, metaphor, subtle shades of description; we have synonyms abound to choose from; we have slang – we have it all.  Yet we also have this:

I don’t understand why we have to have so many words to describe something- why can’t we just have the one and be done?

Why do you have…

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