In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth…

And on Dec. 3, 1984 (with the help of my parents, some biology, and an OB/GYN) he made me (and a twin brother).

Though I’ll spare many details of the ensuing 28 years, since that day, I emigrated from Germany to the United States as a child; grew to adulthood in rural, southeast Ohio; settled in (for now) on the Ohio/West Virginia border; gotten engaged; and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Yes, there were pitfalls, shortcomings, and tribulations along the way; but, I prefer to be positive.

At present, I am working a job I less than adore — as a cook at a local family-owned restaurant — and trying to start a career I love. I’m delving into the intimidating, competitive, and illustrious world of freelance design, though only part-time at the moment. I could get a job at a firm, sit in a cubicle or open office, and take orders/criticism/praise(?) from a director, but I want the freedom to schedule my own projects, hours, and life. So, it’s a work — a lot of work — in progress, but I’m, well, working on it.