Am I Bloggish?

I used to think:

Blogging is for people with no real life, people who spend all day in front of their computer writing about how Fluffikins knocked over the cereal box this morning.

And then I graduated from Art School, and realized 2 very important things:

  1. I am constantly reading blogs — for design tips, for inspiration, for tutorials, and so much more; and
  2. Though I have a portfolio site in progress (still needs some work and a personal domain name) and a LinkedIn profile, and have made some headway on, I have zero exposure.

Needless to say, my thinking has changed. Blogs are more than just online journals (though they do exist) or personal newspapers (Me-Weekly?). They are a means to an end: gain exposure, show that you know something about what you do or love, and share/converse with others. So, here I am, ready to delve into a global conversation.

Posting will be regular, though slow at first (at least once a week). I’m in the process of changing careers, moving into part-time freelancing and am putting most of my effort into perfecting my proposal method, fleshing out my skills and online profiles, and all the boring stuff of finding graphic design clients. But, I will be writing, and hopefully you will be reading.

So, am I bloggish? I certainly am getting there!