Polite Company and Mutual Thinking

A Response to the Daily Prompt: Polite Company, January 15, 2013

“So, what do you think about the Democrats?”

English: Humorous flags of "commie" ...

“Commie” Democrats (Wikipedia)

“Not much. What are your thoughts on the Republicans?”

English: Humorous flags of "commie" ...

“Nazi” Republicans. (Wikipedia)

“Not much. Christian?”

“Only on Sundays. You?”

“The same, though I like to move around a bit, spiritually speaking.”

“Like a little bit of everything, eh?”

“It seems easier that way; better to have a ticket to all the shows, I think.”

“You might be right. No worries about being wrong? Or overworking it?”

“Nah. The way I see it, we’re all trying to get to a better place.”

“Got a point there. Won’t really know ’til it happens, though.”

“Once it does happen, I’ll be too dead to care.”

“Righty oh. How about a Tea Party?”

“Only if we add a little bit of Jack.”

“I’ve got a bottle. We can make a night of it. Talk about religion and politics.”

“Sounds good. I’ll pick up another bottle.”